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Eleni Skitzi in the office

Eleni Skitzi is a self-motivated entrepreneur with a proactive mindset, who possesses over 30 years of experience in the hospitality sector. She has worked for many luxury hotels as well as tour operators over the years, both in Greece and internationally. She has a proven track record of running successful operations that nurture and grow hospitality businesses.

A professional who is able to identify opportunities and has been effectively setting up strategies to cut costs and maximize profits for hotels.

Eleni has also been involved in various sales and marketing activities in the hospitality industry through the years. She possesses extensive experience in developing marketing campaigns to create hotel awareness as well as conducting market research and identifying new trends to make properties competitive in the hospitality industry.

Furthermore, she has organized and taken part in different trade shows and conferences in the European countries in order to generate new leads and promote hotel businesses. Among other things, Eleni has been successfully training hotel staff for many years and ensuring a smooth functioning of the business, in order to provide excellent quality of service to guests.

    G&K Hotels is a Hotel Management company, focusing on the management and development of hotel operations around the globe. From limited service to fully luxury hotels, we strive to make sure that your guests have a good first and last impression of your hotel.

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